SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE: Why You Shouldn’t Always Write a 2000-Word Blog Post

It’s not a acceptable feeling, the one you get if you cascade your body into a activity (say, into autograph a column for your blog, or an commodity for an online magazine) and no one “appreciates it.” The section doesn’t allure any added visitors to your website, or to that online annual you address for.

But let’s accord you the account of the doubt. Let’s say that anyone does appointment your blog or reads the annual article. They absorb two adored account of their active time account your article–the one you spent two-maybe more-agonizing hours writing. And what do they do afterwards?

Nada. Nothing.

Okay. They in fact do something, but it isn’t what you hoped they’d do.

You capital them to collaborate with the actual you’ve just accounting by, say, administration it with their online accompany (by tweeting about it, announcement it to their Facebook page, “Pinning” it so that it can ability your Pinterest followers).

At the actual least, they should be abrogation a comment. Right?

One line.

One band from one of your readers would accompany a smile to your face. Wouldn’t it?

You anticipate it’s cruel. And I’m with you.

I feel your pain. In the abundant arrangement of things, I anticipate it’s appropriate up there with anyone traveling abroad for a four-day weekend and abrogation Toby, their little Chihuahua, to bulwark for himself in an abandoned apartment. It’d be alarming for Toby, and for those of us who affliction about beastly welfare.

But I digress.

Non-writers don’t apprehend how harder it’s for you to put your thoughts “out there” for the apple to read. Or that, if that’s hard, it’s a lot harder if what you put out there is either abandoned or–what’s abundant worse-not accounted important abundant to accreditation some anatomy of interaction.

“Those are affidavit big abundant to accomplish me wish to quit,” you acquaint yourself, and I agree.

But wait!

Don’t be so drastic. You’re not a quitter. Are you? Just stop for a second.

Take a abysmal breath.


“And what do I afterwards I stop, yield a abysmal breath, and think?” you say.

I’m apologetic to say, but the acknowledgment entails ANALYSIS…

And I’m not talking about allegory your admirers (as every added online-marketing “guru” out there wants you to). What you have to assay is yourself; to be added specific, your approach.

Have you anytime anticipation that conceivably you don’t charge to cascade your body into every project-into every blog or commodity you write?

Have you anytime anticipation that maybe-just maybe-you’re debauchery it; giving too abundant (so to write) e v e r y s I n g l e t I m e that you put fingers to keyboard?

Gets tiring. Doesn’t it?

If you stop to assay this affair for even just one minute, you should appear to the cessation that it’s about time you captivated aback a little.

Not too much, to be sure; we don’t wish to put abandoned words out into the ether; we wish what we address to be of bulk to the reader.

However, every autograph affair doesn’t charge to feel like a ascend to the tip of Mount Everest.

I don’t beggarly selfishly captivation on to the accession of ability you backpack amid your temples either.

I’m talking about befitting in apperception that, in today’s world, humans are consistently getting bombarded with advice (usually advice they don’t need, want, or affliction for).

I’m talking about canonizing that there’s a adventitious the 2000-word section of autograph you slaved over endure Tuesday night, if published, will alone add to the all-inclusive bulk of “noise” your clairvoyant will appointment on any accustomed day.

Is that what you want?

Do you wish to be just addition car in the alternation of distractions accession at your reader’s inbox every individual day?

I can assumption your acknowledgment to that question: a aural “No.”


You wish to be the car at the foreground of that train; the one affairs it forward. Yes?


So remember, as is the case in the apple of screenwriting, sometimes beneath is more.

“Why?” You ask.

Because of the absorption amount of today’s online reader.

Most humans today don’t acknowledge continued lectures; those who do, don’t wish them to endure a bisected hour-not even ten minutes.

Ours is a bearing of active bees, you see.

So I attention you already again:

Don’t cascade your body into every individual section you write.

Give your readers what they want; not more.

Save your best plan for that biweekly, or (dare I say it?) monthly, post.

Sometimes humans analysis themselves into the emergency allowance because they anticipate they’re adversity from a austere malady, and they’re begin to be adversity from a simple case of dehydration.

It’s the aforementioned with online readers. Sometimes all they charge is to be put on a drip.